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Brizeo is a unique platform that creates a new way to connect and meet people outside of your inner circle, at home and abroad.

Connect through your interests, favorite pic/video experiences, nationality, and live events.

The app is simple to use and intuitive! 

Don’t read about someone else’s experience, create and share your own.



“The best place to look for a friendship is in the areas of your own interests.” – Dr. Gail Gross

Researchers found that having enthusiasms and hobbies formed a strong bond but when we change those interests we change our friends. – Journal of the Royal Society Interface

“When our interests diverge, time spent together tends to rapidly diminish.” – Alex Lickerman M.D.


So you love to travel, who doesn’t! Connect and take a trip together, meet travelers or just get tips from people. Interest Categories include Travel Advice, Travel Companion, Share travel costs.


Connect with people who love the newest restaurants and the hottest chef in town. Interest Categories include Dining out, Healthy lifestyle, and Street food.


You love to design or paint. Meet friends who share your passion for everything creative. Interest Categories include Photography, Theater, and Film.


If you love gym and fitness, you get what it means to make it a priority! Meet people who live it every day. Interest Categories include Fitness, Yoga, and Outdoor activities.


Just want to try out new clubs, DJs and party, there are thousands that feel the same way. Interest Categories include Wine, Thrill seeker and Happy hour.


Whether it’s networking or relationships, you can connect with like-minded people who share your beliefs and worldview. Interest categories include Biz networking, Career mentoring, and Relationships.


Whether it’s football or fútbol or you just live to play your favorite sport, connect with other fans. Interest Categories include Sporting events, Outdoor activities, and Team sports.

Why Brizeo

The difference when connecting through Brizeo

Fair question. None of us want to clutter up our phones with just another app!

Dating apps are one dimensional. It is hard to meet new friends on Instagram. Facebook prevents “non-friends” from receiving direct messages by filtering them to the spam folder. SnapChat is mainly a cool method of communicating within your circle of friends. 

So how can you connect with or meet new people out of your inner circle in this new modern fast paced life?

On Brizeo, our unique Moments wall allows you to see the full personality of users and potentially match with people that interest you – right from the Moments wall.  Brizeo events allows you to meet up with fellow friends and see what’s going on in your city and throughout the world. >> Read More


The idea behind Brizeo originated when David and Josh were traveling in Europe and Asia.

One of the benefits of travel is the opportunity to engage with people from different cultural and demographic backgrounds, and befriend people who aren’t in your pre-established community circle.

After extensive research and feedback, we realized that a general ‘hole in the market’ was evident. How can you effectively connect with people out of your ‘inner circle’? So began our Brizeo journey… >> Read More

Our Team

Brizeo Founders and Tech Advisors

David Zulberg

Masters from Columbia University. 13-year career in real estate development. Best-selling author of Life Transforming Diet and The 5 Skinny Habits. Writer for many popular online and print media publications. David has been interviewed on ABC, CBS and PIX 11.
From South Africa originally. Avid traveler, and speaks Afrikaans and Hebrew.

Josh Adler

Dual Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University.
15-year Wall Street career, expertise in structured finance
Lived abroad in Brasil, Israel and Spain. Traveled to over 50 countries, and speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

Jack Slocum

Tech Advisor
Jack has over 15 years experience building products, software and startups. He is currently CEO and Co-Founder at alta5, an algorithmic trading platform startup based in NYC. Prior to alta5, he founded Sencha where he created developer tools and frameworks used by 8 of the top 10 financial institutions and over 50% of the fortune 100.

Daniel Loreto

Tech Advisor
Daniel worked for four years at the Google New York office where he was a Tech Lead in the Search Quality team.
He currently leads several engineering teams at AirBnB. He holds a Master and two Bachelors from MIT where he received over 5 awards for academic excellence.

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