The idea behind Brizeo originated when David and Josh were traveling in Europe and Asia. One of the benefits of travel is the opportunity to engage with people from different cultural and demographic backgrounds, and befriend people who aren’t in your pre-established community circle.

But how can you connect with fellow travelers and locals?

Dating apps are popular, but they are used for more activities than originally intended. In essence, people are trying to create a means of communication off a platform that differed from its initial purpose. This is inherently confusing as to what each person’s true intentions are.

After doing much research and gaining feedback from users, we realized that there is a general lacking in the market. How can you effectively connect with people out of your ‘inner circle’?

Although you can add new friends on Facebook, the platform essentially prevents you from connecting with people out of your immediate social circle with many security protocols.

Instagram makes private communication with new people very clunky and difficult. Great for brands displaying their products or bloggers promoting their current events but very difficult for the personal user to connect to new people.

How many people really meet new connections on SnapChat!

So we realized that there is a real need to create a platform which combines the best features associated with popular dating and non-dating social apps, but simplifying the ability to connect with new people out of your inner circle in a more meaningful way, focusing on your primary interests, while removing any negative connotations and sense of obligation. In other words, we wanted to create a fun and yet comprehensive way to widen your circle of close and trusted friends. On Brizeo, you may meet someone who becomes a great friend or perhaps even find a future partner. There is no pressure or expectation, and anything is possible.

Our Team

Brizeo Founders and Tech Advisors

David Zulberg

Masters from Columbia University. 13-year career in real estate development. Best-selling author of Life Transforming Diet and The 5 Skinny Habits. Writer for many popular online and print media publications. David has been interviewed on ABC, CBS and PIX 11.
From South Africa originally. Avid traveler, and speaks Afrikaans and Hebrew.

Josh Adler

Dual Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University.
15-year Wall Street career, expertise in structured finance
Lived abroad in Brasil, Israel and Spain. Traveled to over 50 countries, and speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

Jack Slocum

Tech Advisor
Jack has over 15 years experience building products, software and startups. He is currently CEO and Co-Founder at alta5, an algorithmic trading platform startup based in NYC. Prior to alta5, he founded Sencha where he created developer tools and frameworks used by 8 of the top 10 financial institutions and over 50% of the fortune 100.

Daniel Loreto

Tech Advisor
Daniel worked for four years at the Google New York office where he was a Tech Lead in the Search Quality team.
He currently leads several engineering teams at AirBnB. He holds a Master and two Bachelors from MIT where he received over 5 awards for academic excellence.

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