Why Brizeo

The difference when connecting through Brizeo

Brizeo is a unique platform for connecting with new people OUT of your circle and bringing them into your inner circle – if you want!

Take a look at the other current social apps: Dating apps are one dimensional. You just get to browse through match cards. Do you really get an idea of what kind of person you are connecting with or meeting? On Brizeo, you can upload a video to your profile. You can browse Moments pictures and see your potential matches’ experiences.

It is hard to meet new friends on Instagram. You may love someone’s pictures but are they really going to respond to you if they don’t know you or via a clunky email! Try it – you will likely be disappointed.

Facebook prevents “non-friends” from receiving direct messages by filtering them to the spam folder. Sure you can friend new people but essentially, Facebook wants you to keep within your family and friends circle.

So how can you connect with or meet new people in this new modern fast paced life?

On Brizeo, the Moments wall allows you to post fun, travel and passion related pics. After someone posts a picture, you can click his/her avatar under the picture. This will take you to his/her profile where you can potentially match. You can choose to connect or move on. If you decide to proceed, your new potential match will have to confirm your request. This way, no one is hounded with new messages unless both sides confirm the connection. If the connection is confirmed, you can immediately start to chat and follow your new connection.

On Brizeo, you are also connecting based on your interests. Common interests will be displayed profile cards, so you can easily browse and select people with your shared interest. You may have multiple interest categories but we want you to focus and choose your four primary interests. You may meet a great friend, a group of people, or a future partner who share your primary inetersts.


brizeo events

With the new Brizeo events, you can see the events of all members and your matches. You can join and meet up with fellow friends and see what’s going on in your city and throughout the world.

In the My Trips sections in the Profile section, you can simply add a country to the search box and select to display your worldwide travels. This way, you have another point of common experiences to share.

If you choose to match with someone, you can begin to chat, add location Maps and photos to your chats, and see if a message is ‘sent’ and ‘read’.

Brizeo is a fun platform, which creates a multi dimensinal way of connecting and meeting new people out of your inner circle. We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to hear about your experiences and adventures!



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